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Later records from Shrewsbury mention payment to the "Bedlam Morris" in 16.The dance depends on the numbers available, as at Brimfield.The Silurian Morris Men of Ledbury, Herefordshire, included border dances in performances from the early 1970s and changed exclusively to border morris in 1979, were reformed in 1988, split from The Breinton Morris (who disbanded after a further 10 years) and made contact with one of the musicians from the previous side from the 1930s, Tom Postons.His recollections of the dancing of the time as having "lots of bowing, hat-raising, and clashing of sticks on the ground" led to the "revival" of Postons' stick dance.

Such detail as starting foot rules and phrase endings are notable for their apparent absence. Bromsberrow Heath – had a stark simplicity of one figure and one chorus repeated forever.

The dances collected from a particular place sometimes differ quite markedly between informants, as at White Ladies Aston, reflecting the flexibility from year to year.

Sometimes a gang would only have one dance, sometimes two, or as at Malvern and Pershore an indeterminate set of figures.

Border Morris is a collection of individual local dances from villages along the English side of the Wales–England border in the counties of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire. There is reference to questions about "any disguised persons, as morice dancers, maskers, or mum'ers" to St.

Mary's Parish Church in Shrewsbury in 1584 and an amazing account of morris dancers at Hereford races in 1609, describing "two musicians, four whifflers, and twelve dancers, including hobby horse and maid marian", all from villages within 14 miles of Hereford.

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Their dances feature much "whooping" and this has become characteristic amongst many other border sides.

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