Whos dating johnny depp

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Whos dating johnny depp

The actor is on the verge of bankruptcy and lives on loans that he can not pay off.

Depp found out about the gaps in his own budget, when he was advised to sell real estate in France to pay off his debts.

I would ask you more but you won't answer them honestly.As reports Radaronline.com, Depp begins to shoot the continuation of the picture "Fantastic creatures and where they live", which will be held in England.Johnny plans to rent a house in the UK and is looking for a suitable property.A source told People magazine, "He is taking work seriously and seems healthy.He spends time with his kids and is dating a bit."Depp's private life had become tabloid news last year with his bitter split from the 31-year-old actress making headlines.

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Johnny had a spark with Lucy on the set of the movie "Murder on the Orient Express" - the latest work of Depp.