Who is remy ma dating

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Who is remy ma dating

From there, the rappers went their separate ways — one up and one down.

Minaj's rise through the ranks of rap, and her crossover success, occurred while Remy was serving a six-year sentence for accidentally shooting her friend.

On Thursday night, over two weeks after Remy Ma dropped "Sh ETHER," Nicki Minaj responded to the direct shots from her fellow New York MC on "No Frauds." The song marks Nicki's lyrical entry into a beef that, in recent months, went from subliminal barbs to an all-out war.

But the history of Nicki and Remy's relationship extends back much further.

Martin.” But he was just sitting there, like, “Aight, okay. I catch this case in August 2007, and by March 2008, I’m in prison. If only you could see my list of disciplinary infractions from those days. Hearing people’s stories and the details of their trials and what they went through, you end up even closer to them than your friends from the outside.

I had been on tour; I was on the cover of the Village Voice; I was doing Us Weekly. You go from a nice house in Jersey—“Oh, my Benz is parked here, my Jeep is parked there”—to a cell where you sit by yourself and a door you can’t walk out of when you want to. Outside, you may go out and party with your friends, or maybe you went to school with them, but you didn’t live with them or go through so much with them, being oppressed together every single day. But more than anything, I want to get back in the studio.

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She recalled her life-changing first encounter with Big Pun and explained how six years in prison has changed her perspective.