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Wikipedia’s birth order article says: Claims that birth order affects human psychology are prevalent in family literature, but studies find such effects to be vanishingly small…largest multi-study research suggests zero or near-zero effects.Birth-order theory has the characteristics of a zombie theory, as despite disconfirmation, it continues to have a strong presence in pop psychology and popular culture.Because I only had one blunt measure of Openness, I couldn’t do as detailed an analysis as Rohrer’s team.But they went on to subdivide Openness into two subcomponents, Intellect and Imagination, and found birth order only affected Intellect.I ought to be totally in favor of getting this debunked.After all, the replication crisis in psychology highlights the need to remain skeptical of poorly-supported theories.

Looking at it more broadly, it seems to be a measure of intellectual curiosity – for example, one of the questions they asked was, “I am someone who is eager for knowledge”.

And some of the seminal work disproving birth order was done by Judith Rich Harris, an intellectual hero of mine who profoundly shaped my worldview with her book The Nurture Assumption.

So I regret to have to inform you that birth order effects are totally a real thing.

This is Rohrer et al (2015), which examined a battery of personality traits and found birth order effects only IQ and Openness to Experience, both very small. Rohrer et al found that eldest siblings had an advantage of about 1.5 IQ points.

My study found the same: 1.3 to 1.7 IQ points depending on family size – but this did not reach significance.

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