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Continue reading: Pete's Dragon Review Pete is a young boy who lives in the forest, not many little boys would survive in the wilderness alone, but Pete has a HUGE force on his side, one that most people wouldn't ever believe.

By contrast, this movie feels almost unnervingly realistic, with seamless effects that bring a gigantic green furry dragon remarkably to life.As Pete regales Grace with his adventurous way of life accompanied by his green friend, some of his stories start to ring a bell with her father's tales.With the help of Natalie, a local girl similar in age to Pete, Grace begins to try and trace back Pete's roots.Six years after being lost following a car crash, 12-year-old Pete (Oakes Fegley) is still living in the deep forest, playing happily with his dragon companion Elliot, who's like an enormous cuddly green puppy dog.But sawmill worker Gavin (Karl Urban) is travelling deeper into the woods.

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No one believes his fanciful tales of life with a dragon, just like they didn't believe Grace's father (Robert Redford) decades ago.