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Validating xpath

Validating parser white space behavior is a decidedly fuzzy area.If you’ve been working with Microsoft’s XML parser and DOM implementation, especially if you’ve been using the Microsoft XSLT processor, you might be scratching your head and saying, “Hey!From a practical perspective, this is a pretty savvy approach on Microsoft’s part.

The Canonical XML 1.0 specification provides a set of rules for writing XML documents in a uniform way.

You may also run into I18N as shorthand for internationalization among other W3C standards. The rules for C14N are numerous but not difficult to understand.

In addition to white space rules, attribute ordering, namespace declaration ordering, and character entity reference formats are specified by C14N.

Here is an incomplete list of C14N rules: Exclusive Canonicalization C14N plays an important role in developing web services.

Digital signatures and other hash functions rely on a precisely consistent representation of the XML.

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The first exception to the significant white space rule deals with attribute values.

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