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Enter an acceptable percentage of the total quantity or amount that can be outstanding while still enabling the purchase order to be closed.

If the quantity or amount not yet received is less than or equal to the value entered here, the Close Purchase Orders process (PO_PORECON) will treat the purchase order as fully received.

Assign a buyer to this category for each business unit.

You may want to do this if you order by description and want a default buyer for this category by business unit. The system uses the values set for the buyer at the item category level for all business units that are not specified here.

The purchasing attributes of an item category are assigned as defaults to any item in that category.

In most cases, sales tax is computed as a use tax based on the tax code that is applicable to the ship to or usage destination.

Changing the value in this field triggers recalculation of historical quantities and amounts.

History is always maintained from the first day of the start month to the first day of the end month.

You will be required to assign new items to a category on the Define Item - General: Common link.

Category information helps reduce redundant data entry during both item setup and requisition and purchase order processing.

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However, how merchandise is ultimately used may also result in a different tax rate within the same ship to or usage destination.

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