Updating atmega tiers

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Updating atmega tiers

Note that I am using a solderless breadboard shield.

Now, you need to deploy code to Arduino ATMega chip.

A Jtag is simply a device which communicates with your satellite receiver unit. Activation Activation is what happens to your card/cam when you subscribe to a package from the Service Provider.

It acts as an interface between your computer and satellite receiver. The Service Provider sends an activation code in the satellite signal that is picked up by the receiver/IRD, which in turn writes the code to your card/cam. Data sent from the Smart Card to the receiver or programmer that contains information necessary for proper communication with the Smart Card.

Designs include the standard design that incorporates a DB25 connector on the PCB for programming.

The earliest versions you had to remove the chip and program with a separate programmer.

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Plug in again only VCC to verify that your ESP8266 keeps your deployed code.