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The fake persona he chose was that of a long-haired, tattooed professional climber by the name of Mark Stone.Among campaigners, he earned the nickname “Flash” as he always seemed to have a lot of money.Only now, five years later, does she feel ready to describe how she has been devastated by the deception.She speaks eloquently, though the pain is still evident.His covert mission was terminated in October 2009 when he was summoned by his handlers to a meeting at an anonymous truckstop.

On Friday it was announced that police had agreed to give a full apology and pay compensation to Lisa and six other women for the trauma they suffered after being deceived into forming intimate relationships with police spies. But it comes more than a decade after Kennedy’s mission began.In the weeks before his disappearance, he had been agitated and distant with his friends.Lisa recalls: “He had quite an emotional crash, it seems.In what she describes as a “constant see-saw from one state to another”, she oscillated between “desperately, desperately” wanting to believe the story he had told her about himself, and wondering whether he had completely deceived her about a fundamental part of his life.Reduced to a “very fragile” state, she struggled with her dilemma: “Am I fighting to save this relationship or am I trying to figure out who he is?

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Her first impressions were that he was “very charming, very friendly and familiar in a way that was quite disarming”.