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Two writers dating

We had our first date the following Monday and it was literally love at first sight.Lunch turned into ­dinner, which turned into drinks and when I got home, alone, at 1am that morning, I shouted out loud: “I’ve just met the man I’m going to marry.” Within eight months we had bought a flat together and by September 2016 we were married. Once the computer starts humming or the pencil starts moving, you’re just dust in the wind. Writing time isn’t talking time, TV time, washing dishes time, or making any audible sound within fifty feet of your special writer…time. Subtlety became a dirty word and flirting a lost art as men and women spelled out their sexual needs like a shopping list — then met up almost instantly to fulfil them.Why exchange endless flirty emails when you can simply get jiggy and still be home in time for Doctor ­Foster on catch-up?

If you’re just up for sex (and there’s nowt wrong with that), jump on it. Sally-Anne Flight, from Bromley, Kent, agrees – because she met the love of her life on the app.I then fell pregnant with our son, now seven weeks old, straight after the ­wedding Even if we had met in real life people would describe it as a whirlwind romance but we knew straight away this was right.We’re living proof that ­Tinder is the perfect, modern way to find love." ACCORDING to Tinder founder Sean Rad, the app is a ­runaway success because “no matter who you are, you feel more comfortable approaching somebody if you know they want you to approach them”.No dithering over music tastes or shared holiday goals. And if you got a match, you could line up a date with minimum fuss, neatly sidestepping the potential face-to-face cringe of rejection in real life.Even more reassuringly, the app initially rifled through ­Facebook to match you with people who knew your friends or their mates. And it worked, as Tinder now claims to have more than 10 BILLION notches on its bedpost. Suddenly Britain’s ­lovelorn were hooking up like bunnies on the last boozy Friday before Christmas.

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