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Leaning in Smiling a lot Laughing at myself Making myself smaller Putting my head down Raising my eyebrows submissively The third concept is approval keeping body language: It’s when people want to get my approval they want it but I am not giving it to them.Slow movement Leaning back Fixed eye contact Fixed posture Loss of interest Most guy give approval constantly and they think that If I give approval I will get some back in return but no it does not work that way.What I am interested in here is status to the other woman I am involved to.Women are attracted to men that they perceive that they have higher value then themselves, and turned of by women with low status.The language of the body is the actual direct root. Body language is 55% of all communications; the rest is voice tone and then 7% words.So body language is the most important thing to learn. The objective is not to be perceived as nice via my body language, neither to win her approval, nor to fit in, the objective is attraction (I want to create that complex of physical and emotional response that makes a woman wants to be with you, physically and emotionally, and use my body language to spark, amplify the attraction, bridge from one step to another with my body language and trigger that unconscious attraction response with my body language and amplify that attraction and sexual feelings.)Eliminate that I depend on you vibe through body language??

This will give me a huge advantage in the dating game.

When I know that she is in to me then I could lean in a little bit and engage.

By Robert Manni Although some argue against it, there are studies that show the phenomenon known as “love at first sight” is possible.

She will become more self conscious and insecure the more attracted she is to me and I can see this by her body language( fidgeting, orienting herself to me, breaking eye contact, seek approval, seek attention, and clearly emotionally attached to my approval).

A bit about the first meeting When my eyes first lay eyes on her! A bit about the voice tone and first words Say anything, like “hey what’s up” or anything situational.

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