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Toby kebbell dating

Not sure if Toby has a girlfriend but I watched a interview from Warcraft press a few weeks ago where he said he wanted to learn Spanish to speak to Spanish girls because they're beautiful....

In 2011, Kebbell played a leading role in "The Entire History of You", the finale of the first season of Charlie Brooker's critically acclaimed anthology series Black Mirror, which was written by Jesse Armstrong. has since bought the rights to adapt the script for a forthcoming film.

His father was an engineer for a Newarkbased company that made ball bearings.

'My dad taught me a great lesson,' his fourth son observes, 'that it's really important to follow your dream.

He won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the British Independent Film Awards; other nominees for the award included Cate Blanchett, Colin Firth and Control co-star Samantha Morton.

He was also nominated for the London Critics' Circle Best Supporting Actor Award alongside Albert Finney and Tom Wilkinson.

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