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Many of the students attracted to Islam and religious studies during the 1970s in U. The greatest growth in American scholarship on Sufism, then, has arisen from the work done by scholars trained during the 1970s.

Alexander Knysh notes that “in the decades after World War Two the majority of Western experts in Sufism were no longer based in Europe, but in North America.” Henri Corbin (d.1978) and Fritz Meier (d.

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The Influence of Nasr and other Traditionalist writers like Rene Guenon and Frithjof Schuon on Sufi studies could be seen on the interpretation of the works of Ibn Arabi and the Akbarian school by such scholars as Titus Burckhardt, Martin Lings, James Morris, William Chittick, and Sachiko Murata and others.

These names are both mostly practitioners of Sufism and scholars studying Sufism.

Ibn Arabi has never founded an order (tarika) but declared and developed a Sufi metaphysics called Wahdat al-Wujud so those Sufis listed below was member of different order but they accepted same metaphysical point of view which was Wahdat al-Wujud..

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