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If anything, these Z-grade heroes are about to get the team-up of their lives.

Green Lanterns #40 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through Comi Xology and Amazon Kindle.

It works based on your hero name and some basic details.

Jessica is disappointed to find that “Green Lantern” is already taken, presumably by Simon, so she puts her name as “Pancake Princess” which is adorable.

They fearlessly fly into a disaster area that hits a little close to home considering the still very fresh flooding in Houston and Puerto Rico.

Caper works without secret identities or any other personal information.Granted, they do make a pitstop at the Justice League Watchtower, but aside from that, they’re flying around planetside.When they show up at Caper headquarters, which is literally a garage, they look a little out of place, although rather intimidating.Artist Barnaby Bagenda captures that altruistic feeling well.Plus, I’ll never get tired of how colorist Ulises Arreola highlights the Green Lanterns with an ambient, fluorescent energy that always looks cool.

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Gal Godot might make superheroing look easy, but she probably didn’t go through Superhero Dating School like I did. In addition to the lessons, Jasmine provided a lot of fun extras like safety tips for online dating and other books or resources as options for further “study.” But, the greatest part about the online dating school was the direct access to Jasmine.

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