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Season two got thr go-ahead after Star Trek Discovery proved to be popular on Netflix and CBS' on-demand service.At the time of the recommission, only six episodes of season one had aired but it appears that it was enough to convince the American broadcaster.STAR TREK DISCOVERY'S USS DEFIANCE EASTER EGG EXPLAINEDThe first season of Star Trek Discovery has a total of 15 episodes.It’s not yet known how many episodes will be in the second run.In creating Star Trek, Roddenberry was inspired by the Horatio Hornblower novels, the satirical book Gulliver's Travels, and by works of western genre such as the television series Wagon Train.These adventures continued in the short-lived Star Trek: The Animated Series and six feature films.Four spin-off television series were eventually produced: Star Trek: The Next Generation followed the crew of a new starship Enterprise set a century after the original series; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager set contemporaneously with The Next Generation; and Star Trek: Enterprise set before the original series in the early days of human interstellar travel.The most recent Star Trek TV series, entitled Star Trek: Discovery, premiered on CBS and later made available exclusively on the digital platform CBS All Access.

There’s no trailer for Star Trek Discovery season two yet but we’ll update this article as soon as there is.

"This series has a remarkable creative team and cast who have demonstrated their ability to carry on the Star Trek legacy.

“We are extremely proud of what they’ve accomplished and are thrilled to be bringing fans a second season of this tremendous series." Season one of Star Trek Discovery premiered on CBS in America on September 24, 2017 before being made available on Netflix the following day.

STAR TREK DISCOVERY SEASON 1, CHAPTER 1 RECAPSeason two appears to be the early stages of development with very little known about plot details."We have a…

big idea that emerged mid- to late-season one for something we want to do for season two," Kurtzman teased.

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This film featured a new cast portraying younger versions of the crew from the original show; their adventures were continued in the sequel film, Star Trek Into Darkness (2013).