Squarespace flickr widget not updating

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Squarespace flickr widget not updating

You’ve gotten your feet wet in blogging, and you’re committed to what you’re doing.You want to build a business from your blog, but your income and readership are not big enough for you to quit your job.Blogging is a promotion strategy, but it’s not an end in itself.Because you’re doing this more or less full time, you have significantly more time to spend experimenting with tools that others can’t.Many of the links that follow are affiliate links, for which we earn a small commission if you choose to buy (at no additional cost to you.) Expect additions and changes as we find better tools.We’ll also be adding sections on courses and books that will help you in your blogging business.Small web hosting companies still disappear without warning, a terrifying situation.

It doesn’t take much effort to customize an Elegant theme.

As you will see in a minute, premium Word Press themes can be very attractive by themselves and have robust code, making them more than enough for your beginning needs.

While you can get your blog started on the built-in Word Press theme, your blog will immediately look more professional with a premium theme. The differences between free and premium themes are in the backend: While both may look good to visitors, free themes don’t come with a technical support desk and are almost always ignored by their developers when they move onto other projects, leaving you with an outdated theme that will become more vulnerable to hackers and more prone to break over time.

Premium themes are updated regularly to keep pace with Word Press upgrades and new trends.

Plus, they maintain support desks that will help you with setup, problems, customization, upgrades and maintenance.

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You’re squeezing out as much time as you can, maybe 10 to 20 hours every week, and you need tools that won’t suck up much time but will deliver a big impact.