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If our history is lost, we can’t know who we are and what we’re doing here and where we’re going.The Maya saw the end of their calendar as December 21, 2012 and Pope Gregory synchronized the Gregorian calendar so that it would coincide with the number sequence at AM GMT at its inception.Over 25 million people had been implanted with control devices. This sea of energy has been given many different names including zero-point energy, quantum flux, vacuum flux, dark energy, dark matter, æther, chi and prana.

But what is a mile-high stone image of a half-man half-lion image doing on the surface of Mars? Were they connected to an ancient civilization of Earth?

It may have been a beacon, a power plant or a weapon, but it most certainly was never a burial place.

The evidence for the story was planted by an archeologist, but has not changed despite being officially acknowledged.

What interest would a Pope have in a Mayan Calendar? The Maya were supposedly this primitive tribe in Mesoamerica that had been living in the Stone Age and the Pope thought they knew enough about cosmology to change the calendar to match it for the rest of the civilized world? After considerable research into what initially seemed to be a curios exercise, something amazing emerged. It happened 26,000 years ago and it will happen again in 26,000 years and there is nothing that can stop it.

The world we think we know isn’t at all a faithful representation of the greater reality, and more importantly the world that we live in is about to change in a massive way. What is amazing is that that’s actually a good thing.

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In Egypt, we were introduced to the story of Isis and Osiris and Horus carved in hieroglyphics and pictures into the wall of a temple.

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