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Simgirls dating simulator 3 0

If you can, hold on to some items, and wait until the value is higher.

But over all, you can make some serious money by finding and selling these items; money that will be helpful throughout the game.

You should have plenty of coffee and medicine to help you survive. Important Tip: If you are going for the Goddess Ending, you need to see the dealer (forgot his name) at Goldstar City after Sana is your Lover.

The trick here is to not freak out at some of the prices at first.

This brief walkthrough will show the steps need to get either the Super Playboy Ending the Goddess Ending (aka Sana's Ending).But for this run, we will go with “Playful”, as it a sure way to raise Charm quickly.Setup whatever value that you want for “DNA Manipulation”. But if you really want a headstart on Charm, put all the points into that.Don’t forget to go back to Akira and get the necklace. If possible, make her your playmate before Day 50, so that you have access to more hentai scenes then. Any time left, gain more points with Tomoko, maybe even make her your Lover.Then ask Kari about her background (provided that you didn’t let her die due to negligence). Day 47: Study with Ami, if you don’t have 200 in intelligence.

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