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Sex flirt br

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As we have said in the past, allowing same gender romance is something we are very supportive of." Bio Ware previously included same-sex relationships in games including Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age, a move that led to some backlash.

Romance in Star Wars: The Old Republic, for those who haven't played the game, isn't just roses and candlelit lightsabers.

Not surprisingly, players can become highly attached to their virtual companions.

Players have been asking for same-gender romance in the game for months now, with lengthy threads devoted to the topic on SW: TOR official forums.

In order to begin toasting using the ' Dualit' chrome toaster used as a prop, you need to set the mechanical timer, which is not done.

Zitten jullie samen te chillen op bed, in het zonnetje of ergens anders?

In the scene where Carrie is toasting the 'bullshit bagels' in Miranda's apartment, she is not actually turning on the toaster.

The upcoming Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion pack, he said, will make it possible for players on the new planet (called Makeb) to flirt with same-gender non-player characters, created by Bio Ware to give quests, sell items, and otherwise move the story forward.

Players will not yet, however, be able to put the moves on same-sex companion characters, the NPCs that accompany them on their intergalactic escapades as a major plotline piece.

It can range from a suggestive (and amusing) dialogue interchange to a digital liplock and fade to black.

The companion romances already in SW: TOR can take most of the game to complete, and can be scuttled by a wrong dialogue choice or a turn to the wrong side of the Force.

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