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This edition was 46 pages with pictures of some of the books and prices of the books (first try). There were also 500 more "red" copies made with the price .95 on cover. ) and Frazetta print covers of lots of other Burroughs material.

Just in the last month, I aquired the final book club Mars book with the Frazetta illustrations. I was born in Portland, Oregon, but have lived in Texas since I was six years old. in English at Lamar University in Beaumont (1966) and also lived in Germany for one year (1964-65).

Yard sales and rummage sales brought Pellucidar, still my fav.

And now, the internet is bringing me hardback copies of ERB's. Zane Grey hb's everywhere, and sorry folks, I do put him on a par with ERB.

It had a red cover, and was much thicker than I was used to reading, but he handed it to me and told me that I would like it, and to read it. My father read everything, including ERB growing up.Life long southwestern Pennsylvania resident, currently near Pittsburgh. This started not only my method of reading ERB, but also of reading in general.Age will be disclosed if you're really that interested, in a private email. If I love one book, I'll probably love the others of that author, so I read 'em all at once.The Second Edition was red with no price on the cover. Since then I have always had John Carter as my ideal of a hero. "I Still Live." I reread the books early in my marriage and enjoyed them as much as the first time, if not more.There 50 printed and they were gold numbered and signed by me. About that time I was slowly collecting G&D volumes of Mars (got most of them!

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So our family actually had ERB books on the book shelves (not too many, actually, but I remember a family 'Cave Girl' -- many had been given away or lost over the years of traveling around the world in the military).

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