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He makes the people around him very happy, and he is also very hard working!

"However, the actress began to stutter when the interviewer asked if she had attended Show's Hong Kong Coliseum concert in January and went to Hotel ICON where Show was staying.

Rainie recently shared that Taiwanese artiste Chung Hsin-Ling (鍾欣凌) was one of the reasons she accepted the starring role in .

“I went to see [Hsin-Ling] after she gave birth to her second child,” said Rainie.

”In response, Grace shared the post and replied, “Oh my God…

I can’t even come up with a definitive figure to rate this picture!

Chrissie replied, "One of my colleagues wanted to go.

We did take a picture together, but that is normal."At a promotional event for her new pictorial a few days later, the actress explained that she did not know Show was staying at Hotel ICON when she had dropped by the hotel.

It was then Chrissie shared about her breakup with him."The rumour was further fuelled when a snapshot of Chrissie, who recently broken up with boyfriend Avis Chan, was seen visiting Show at the backstage of his Hong Kong concert in late January surfaced online.

Well, I'm still waiting for them to announce a marriage, like that I can finally move on on these 2...

However Rainie is still really reluctant to marry someone...

The couple’s lovey-dovey posts soon caught the attention of fans, who flurried to send their well wishes to the couple.

One netizen commented, “We’re happy for you, Grace!

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