Pinoy 1 on 1 sex chat to woman

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Pinoy 1 on 1 sex chat to woman

He started the conversation by asking if who am i gonna visit in Cheras. I asked him if hes gay but he told me that he not but he already tried to have sex with a gay.

He told me that he liked it, he is married by the way.

He is demanding to have half sex while were driving but I said NO.

I asked him to drove me to the hotel of my second date coz I told him that i will not going to have sex with him.

His tool is just average but it feels so good inside because im loving the way he drive, ebery pumping makes me ask for more.

The performance just lasted for 20 minutes because he cum so fast.

It was already midnight, Im alone and I dont know where to go.

I dont want to go home since im not sexually satisfied yet, my body still asking for more, still willing to risk the rest of the night in the name of pleasure.

Without any doubt, I took a cab decided to come to his place,and i never expected that the third guy will be the Taxi Driver.

He is Indian on his early 30’s and doesnt interest me at first. It was a bit surprised with his question but i answered, “My boyfriend”, and he just gave me flirty smile.

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It was a nornal meet up, we talked a bit, and of course im the first one who initiated to go forward to the business since I hate some introduction before the actual performance.