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Myspace sex chat

In some cases, teens do not fully understand the risks of making certain information public.In many cases, schools are being forced to respond to real world problems which only came to their attention because this information was so publicly accessible on the web.Adults are confronting images of underage drinking or sex, discussions of drug use, and signs of bullying and other abusive behavior.In some cases, teens and adults have developed different notions of privacy: young people feel more comfortable sharing aspects of their lives (for example, their sexual identities) that previous generations would have kept secret.An abbreviated version was published by the MIT News Office on .We are providing a full transcript of our interview online because we believe that it provides valuable information for parents, legislators and press who are concerned about the dangers of My Space.

Or, as one teenager said, “If you’re not on My Space, you don’t exist.” Not all My Space users are teenagers, but most American teenagers have accounts on My Space.

All of this is coming to head with the proposal of new federal legislation which would require all schools and libraries which receive federal funds to restrict access to these digital tools and online communities.

danah: For my doctoral dissertation, I am investigating why and how youth are engaging in digital publics like My Space, how this affects identity development and how youth socialization has changed over the last century.

These sites also allow friends to comment on each other’s profiles.

Structurally, social network sites are a cross between a yearbook and a community website.

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danah: Like previous digital publics (blogs, discussion boards, chatrooms, newsgroups), My Space is very open – anyone can join, participate and communicate with others.

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