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donot give the devil any chance and keep beliving and have hope there is a right husband for you there.Hi cord its never toolate for the Lord, God does his things at his timing, He knows wat you want and he sees your heart.The bible tells us if u pray & believe that what you pray for you already received it,then it shall be granted 2 you….mark11v24.Pls pray 4 all of us, coz im sure there r lots of people going thru this situation & yet they lack understanding of what 2 do. Thanx so much for this web site may the living GOD 2ruly use u & abundantly bless u. Hullo, sorry for what every one is going through this for a long time, i even had a child with the man i thought would be my hsuband but offcourse the spiritaul husband dosnot want that.I thank you God for opening the door to allow me to experience being married in this life. please i need prayers, i was told i had a spirit husband follwing my dream of a proposed wedding day in which every one was waiting for me and i told the pastor to go ahead with the service as i was not ready. I had been praying for a husband who is connected with the lord, however, my words were muddled up I and I have been praying for a “Spiritual Husband”. I have been in relationships, where I found out that the person was with someone/married.

am 32 not married with a child but am believing God to give me the right man .

Any man I go out with does not do well or d relationship ends abruptly, I am really stress up all my plans in life are crumbling. I need your help i have been told that i have a spiritual husband in my life thats why i have problems in my relationships and they dont last.

But i know that greater is the one that is within me than he that in the world,i know it will work out well for me in the name of Jesus I need help to deliver me from my spiritual husband i was given to him and even have a spiritual name.

please i need deliverance from the spiritual husband.i have been having issues with my relationship for so long and i have been told i need to be delivered from the spiritual husband which i am not aware of.please help me save my relationship I have gotten deliverance from this spiritual husband and is still getting because he doesn’t want to leave me alone, he keeps coming back. I also need help I have finally realized that the cause of me not getting married and men leaving me is due to the fact that I have a spiritual husband. In my case I now realized that the open door to those spirit husband was masturbation which by the grace of God I am being delivered from.

Pastor please pray for my total deliverance from masturbation and spirit husband.

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i know am going to defeat this spirital husband, Every single day am divorcing him and breaking any covenants that were made between us and destroying any spiritual children that were born. To be quite honest sometimes it gets very dicouraging especially when you get comments of people caomplaing about the same thing and there is no comment of anybody who has gotten total deliverance from this problem and can share with us the good news that they got freed.

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