Midlife mid life dating wont commit marriage

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You have to ask her to commit to build a NEW MARRIAGE WITH YOU where BOTH of you are getting your emotional needs met. Will she recognize that there are no guarantees for success but is she willing to commit to trying? She says that she is still seeking that excitement, chemistry, connection with somebody After I told her all that and I can't ever trust her ever again, I told her I'm filing for a divorce. Go ahead with the divorce, because right now, you have to look after yourself.

She begged and pleaded to me that she can't imagine living without me. If she has genuinely seen how shabbily she's treated you, you will see it in her actions way before the divorce gets final. The real question is what are you going to do about it.

The only exception is that perhaps she will recognize this once she is over her midlife crisis. I did tell her about me seeing all her texts when I confronted her yesterday about the other guy. Her reaction was that she looked ashamed or feeling that she got busted.

She tried to justify it by saying, yes I'm still trying to figure out what to do with our marriage. You're not even in love with me, and you want that excitement.

Truth is, I think she's confused right now with her midlife crisis.

I think part of it yes she does want excitement of a new relationship, reliving her 20s, starting a new career, working out again, etc.

She wouldn't let me leave the house and just begged and cried for me to stay. She still doesn't see a future with you and is just stringing you along. Manipulative people take advantage of our good nature. Your WW knows you'd rather not divorce, so she dangles a little fake remorse to buy her time to get her Sh! Fast and decisive action is always the best in a situation like this.

You will see that leaving will heal you faster, thats why they say D is the easy way.So at the end of the day, I told her our marriage is over for 2 reasons: 1. So with these 2 reasons, how can we even stay married?The only exception is that perhaps she will recognize this once she is over her midlife crisis. As you know now, she took you for granted thats why you have been in this hell she put you.If she really want to fix her marriage, dont count on that, ask her to read books and seach on intertnet to find the full extent of what she has done.Keep venting I think she's starting to feel genuinely remorseful.

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The best you can do is serve her and start working on your self.