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Baltimore County detectives checked advertisements on the website this week in a St.Patrick's Day prostitution sting that ended in the arrest of two men — one the son of a prominent Baltimore attorney — on human trafficking charges, court documents show.President Bush blamed the LA riots on liberal anti-poverty programs from the 1960s and 1970s, which he claimed destroyed black families and a sense of responsibility in their communities.Candidate Bill Clinton talked “tough on crime” while squirting a few crocodile tears in public, all part of his New Democrat program.Three girls showed up in the hotel room, according to the court documents.They came to the hotel in a silver Mercedes-Benz driven by Brown, the documents allege. According to the court documents, Brown told police he met the three girls on North Avenue in East Baltimore and drove them to a hotel whose name he couldn't remember. He told police he didn't know the girls were engaged in prostitution or that they were underage.According to documents filed in Maryland District Court in Towson, members of the Baltimore County police vice unit set up a sting operation Tuesday at the Best Western Hotel on Belmont Avenue in Woodlawn.

Marrou’s Libertarian solution to the LA riots: more troops, more quickly, as he explained to Larry King: “Send troops in to stop the looting. Pete] Wilson waited 24 hours for, and [Los Angeles police chief] Daryl Gates of course withdrew his troops of police. That’s what we would’ve done—we would’ve sent the troops in to stop the looting.” So what distinguishes the Libertarians from the old two-party responses is their hair-trigger in bringing in troops to suppress the uppity minorities.

Libertarian Party nominee for president Andre Marrou vowed he would “send in troops right away” as his solution to the Los Angeles riots and grievances. and no one, liberals least of all, wanted to hear about it.

Meanwhile, “principled” libertarian Ron Paul wrote in his newsletter after the riots that he taught everyone in his family, including his son Rand Paul, to use a gun because “the animals are coming.” As with Baltimore, there was an enormous amount of long pent-up anger in South-Central LA, where the notoriously violent police under Daryl Gates had been waging a kind of counter-insurgency campaign against poor minority residents for well over a decade . The riots—in response to an all-white jury acquitting four LAPD officers who were filmed savagely beating a black motorist, Rodney King—left over 50 dead, 2000 injured, and over 10,000 arrested.

In her book “It Takes A Village,” Hillary 1.0 boasted about her husband’s tough on crime policies as if they were her own (h/t Zaid Jilani): “As part of a ‘zero tolerance’ policy for weapons, drugs, and other threats to the safety of teachers and students, the President signed an executive order decreeing that any student who comes to school with a gun will be expelled and punished as a condition of federal aid.

“Twenty-five thousand new police officers are being trained, with the goal of adding seventy-five thousand more by the end of the decade.” Her replacement as Secretary of State, John Kerry, had caused some controversy just weeks before the LA riots with a speech he gave to Yale denouncing affirmative action and welfare programs, and defending resentful whites accused of racism: Kerry described inner city neighborhoods as "ruled not simply by poverty but by savagery.” And another up-and-coming New Democrat at the time, Bill Bradley, also scolded blacks to blame themselves after over a decade of Reagan-Bush mass incarceration policies: On the floor of the Senate, Bill Bradley said we can't "make race an excuse for failing to pass judgment about self-destructive behavior." He specifically named the 65 percent rate of out-of-wedlock births among black women and said that fear of violence at the hands of young urban black males "covers the streets like a sheet of ice." As for Jeb Bush’s father—President Bush blamed the 1992 LA riots on liberal social welfare programs in the 1960s and 70s, and the breakdown of the family structure in black communities.

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While for Vice President Dan Quayle, the LA riots were his moment to shine.