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Live chat without paying and email sex

In my eyes, its a natural and wonderful thing between two people who love each other and who are committed to each other and I would love to have sex at every opportunity (typical man maybe).My wife has always struggled with 'liking' sex enough to initiate it.I have always been able to satisfy her sexually, we both orgasm no problems there and infact she tells me than 1 is enough but I want to please her because that is important to me.I dont like to masturbate, ill do it, but I hate it, it makes me feel dirty and not in a good way.When I tried to suggest that it seems to me that she hates the thought of it, like its the last thing on her mind (with three kids thats reasonable) but when we are actually relaxed and having sex, that she really gets into it - this annoyed her more.When I asked if we could go to conselling or the GP for help, she got angry and said she wasnt something that needed to be fixed. We have kissed and hugged occasionally, but she is concerned with leading me on so its not happened much.

Can any of you relate to this issue and perhaps offer some advice about how you and your partners dealt with the situation.We have grown up together and came through so much, nothing has changed for me about her, I always have and always will fancy the pants off her.We have always had differences with regards sex though.For any reason, she simply would rather not to have to entertain the idea at all.When she does back down we end up having the most amazing sex and she is 110% into it and by no means a passenger during it. But then the next time around, we have to go through the same thing, lack of interest, excuses etc. About a month ago we had a major bustup and she made it very clear she did not want to have sex or any sexual activity with me again.

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Thanks everyone for reading x What contraception is she on, if any?

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