Is josh ramsay dating amanda mcewan Sex chat line work

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Also, recently I found out that Josh is trying to quit smoking.Many many MANY fans are extremely happy about that. You know if you don't know this already Josh's girlfriend was a fan. I mean lets look at the proof here; he doesn't tweet about Amanda anymore, You never see pictures of them together anymore, She's never on tour with them ANYMORE, he allways says that he's single in interviews now, and he always says "thats why we keep casting love stories in our videos, because I can not get a girl any other way." Amanda and him did date for a LONG time, but, I mean, look at the evidance here, sweethearts. Later he realized that he needed a supporting band, and alongside his sister Sara and three more local musicians, he founded Ramsay Fiction in 1999.However, after this project failed, Josh teamed up with Matt Webb, Ian Casselman and Mike Ayley and in 2001 founded Marianas Trench, a pop-rock band which released its debut studio album, entitled “Fix Me”, in 2006, which was immediately rated gold; the hit single “Shake Tramp” peaked at No.1 on the i Tunes Canada Digital Download, and also won a SOCAN No. All these ventures provided the basis for Josh Ramsay’s current net worth.Marianas Trench has released four albums so far, including “Masterpiece Theatre” (2009), “Ever After” (2011) and most recently “Astoria” (2015) of which all were rated at least platinum, producing over a dozen and a half hit singles such as “Cross My Heart”, “Celebrity Status”, “Fallout” as well as “Haven’t Had Enough” and “Shutter”.

So when he can't sleep I'd stay up with him.

I wish he was single but then again do you think anyone of us would ever have a chandce I mean he has a great personality on his songs so that must mean he must be an amazing person opr not I mean ive never had a crush on a cleberty until now obviouslyhim but I mean get real if ever you landed someone like him it would suck cause therewould be no privacy in your lives . We would have to understand that he is really busy.

All im saying is if anyones ment to be with him its me lol jk but i mean if anyone is ment to be with him then fait will find away to bring you together until then move on and enjoy his talent I could except it and hes the only cleleberty ive ever had a thing for lol Celeberty status is my fav song Yes, hes dating a wonderfull and beautiful girl named Amanda Mcewan and if any of you who say you "LOVE" josh ramsay and are "trenchers" you guys should be happy for him and not bash the love of his life,if hes happy you should be happy for him hes a wonderfull man with a wonderfull woman boo yeh, he isnt with you HAHA he is with the really pretty && Amazing Amanda Mc Ewan and surprisingly she is part of my friends family (not lieing at all!

But the fan would have to like him for his personality not his good looks. The guy is busy but if we really love him and want to date him.

He said in an interview he would most likely fall in love with a fan. Lol And she would also have to understand his secdule. It will still take a couple of years but hey I like.

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