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Infj dating

INFJs love to search for deeper meanings into things which is why there’s nothing like an intellectual conversation.We love those Friday nights where we can just sit under the full moon with a few beers and talk about life with you.That hurt festers and results in spite and silence. So unless you want to never speak to me again, please keep the jealousy games out of the equation.

We go deep with it, but we won’t tell you about it (for obvious reasons).This probably isn’t much of a date for most people. It’s shaking enough to leave the comfort of my house to meet a total stranger to see if they could my match for all eternity.(Cue dramatic music.) INFJs prefer places that have smaller crowds and that have intriguing surroundings. If you’re not in, get out- INFJs are big on commitment. It takes true patience to truly get to know an INFJ.If you are dying because you are missing your INFJ please do not try to replace them with someone “bigger and better” to try to rub it in. INFJs are sensitive people who keep their feelings all bottled up.If I feel that someone I care about has found someone else that has replaced me I am immediately hurt.

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I have noticed lately that most of my search engine terms on my stats menu have mostly been about INFJs and their relationships ranging from “INFJ women” to “how to know if an INFJ loves you.” Well ladies and gents, I decided to compile a skeletal outline of basic INFJ needs and wants in a relationship. I’ve just been a female INFJ for over twenty years so I suppose that gives me some say in the matter.

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