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Even so, those who have a passion for dancing, or who are willing to learn, can be found pretty much anywhere.

The Dancing Date site is designed to help you find single dancers in your locale.

I assumed I would hear stories of revelry from the men and a lot of complaints from the women.

, Donna Freitas explores how young men and women are creating a new, dysfunctional sexual norm.

They wished that they could be in a relationship and that they didn’t have to prove all of this stuff to their friends.

They wanted to fall in love, and that was what I heard from the young women.

What was different was that women felt like they were allowed to complain about it, and complaining felt verboten to men.

Q: But didn’t you find students who felt liberated by the opportunity to experiment sexually without forming lasting ties?

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A: Let me be clear: Every student I talked to was happy to have the option of hooking up.

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