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two years ago, while this male instructor was alone with this female student in class, he’d, pulled the curtains down, then, locked the doors, and touched her breasts, and pubic area, afterwards, he’d, driven her home.

And the victim felt doubts and uneasy, disclosed this to her fellow classmate, and, after the homeroom instructor learned this, she’d reported him to the police, and the male instructor was, fired from his teaching post.

On the fourth day, she’d, started persuading her families, her psychiatrist, that she was, fine, that she’s, okay, to go home now.

A week later, right before the Chinese New Year’s, Ms.

I’d gotten to know the habits of my in-law’s living styles, and, some of which, I’d not, fought hard to keep, instead, I’d, communicated with my husband when there’s just the two of us, and I’d never talked trash about any members of his family, or gossip about them either.We’d often heard the complaints of the daughters’-in-law on how the mothers-in-law helped out with the month long recovery phase after birth, from the diet, to how to take care of the young.From when I got pregnant, I’d decided, to spend half of my month-long recovery phases in the afterbirth recovery center, and the other fifteen days, I’d, ordered the foods; I’m a person who’d hated troubling someone else, and so, as my economics permitted, I’d, selected a way, that made everybody at ease.God I hope, that that, is NOT this SEXUAL predator got, fired from his teaching post, this LOSER should get CASTRATED, and then, get TOSSED into jail, so he can become someone ELSE’s BITCH there, see how he likes it!And, it really angers me, to see this sort of SHIT still happening, to the not-so-younger generations of children today, and, are the children getting DUMBER, or, are those, sexual predator getting more skillful at hiding themselves among the crowds, or, is it both???

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But, afterwards, that young man still used the ATM card, and made a total of FIVE withdrawals in the amounts of $20,000N. The police didn’t give up, and, based off of the surveillance of the banks, and the account information, they’d caught the fifty-three-year-old Chiao last Christmas, he’d admitted to being homeless, that he’d, sold his own account for $3,000N. to someone, along with his ATM card too, the police charged him as an accessory to fraud, and sent him to the local D. And after the police told the female retired school instructor that Chiao was a homeless man, that was when she’d firmly, believed that she was, scammed, and told the police she’d made separate wires at the other branches of her bank, she’d lost a total of over four million dollars N.

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