Free sex chat for teens alone

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Suicide Prevention Shasta County/Teen and Young Adults - Whether there is a teen in your life going through a difficult time, or you're a teen struggling with feelings of hopelessness, help is available. This website page has Crisis and Help lines listed, including a text line that teens can reach out for help through text.

Redding Young People in AA (REDYPAA) - The REDYPAA group offers not only meetings but, also, events such as camping or a "superhero scavenger hunt".Eligible participants must be 18 years or younger, an expectant or parenting teen, and working towards a high school diploma.Both male and female students are eligible to participate. Contact: Julie David, Cal-SAFE Facilitator (530) 245-2672 Fax: 245-2665 Care Net Pregnancy Center - One of the services that Care Net offers is the "Learning for Life Program" where you can earn points by taking on-site or off-site classes, reading books from their library, or watching educational videos, and then you can use the points to "buy" baby supplies, ranging from diapers and baby clothes to cribs and strollers. Care Net offers many services to its clients, to read about all of the services that Care Net offers, click here.This app is designed to closely imitate other popular social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram.Unfortunately, these similarities mask a far greater danger.

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Reach Out USA - This website provides personal stories from teens who have struggled with alcohol, drug, and mental health issues and how they have coped.

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