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It has been practiced since very early times in India and is supported by engraved seals discovered at Indus-Saraswati civilization.

Its association with India is beyond doubt, and it is certainly central to Hinduism.

Hi Sisyphus SB and Young looking for the 1, For Sisyphus, yes, IF I were to make any such offer, I would have wanted to chat a lot on the phone, not to mention some emails etc, basically to the level of at least some of the framework for any arrangement – which ensures we are compatible on things like expectations etc.

As a system of philosophy is codified in the Yogasutras of Patanjali where Yoga is defined as the "cessation of movements of the mind." Swami Kuvalnanada and Dr. Vinekar have compared yoga to a Vina "which gives heavenly music only when its strings are attuned adequately and played upon harmoniously.In India, philosophy has been more than a sheer speculative quest, linked as it is with a living, creative and illuminating discipline which is known as Yoga.Yoga is a unique scientific discipline that leads to inner transformation and a definite psychological state of conscious enlightenment.The comments from both of you are insightful and useful, which I hope will bring me some luck, if not success when I have the time to approach a SB or two. As your mum always said, “Don’t forget to wear your rubbers – it’s wet out there! The word yoga is derived from the root yuj, which means to unite or to join together.

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