Efficiently updating materialized views allison madison dating service

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Efficiently updating materialized views

Thus, processing only the changes can result in a very fast refresh time.Materialized views can be refreshed either on demand or at regular time intervals.The problem is keeping the materialized view refreshed, and refreshing materialized views has always been resource-intensive and problematic.

The complete refresh involves executing the query that defines the materialized view.We generalize the above results to use an arbitrary subset of the base relations and the current view materialization.Our results are especially useful in distributed databases, in disconnected and mobile computing environments where the underlying database is not always accessible, and in data warehousing applications.Also see my important general notes on tuning materialized views.Materialized Views are a wonderful tool for reducing repetitive I/O and they are a true silver bullet under certain circumstances.

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SSD runs several hundred times faster than platter disk, and it plops right in, just a few hours to install.

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