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She was born in Arkansas and was 16 years old when she met her ex-husband, Ididia Serfaty at Church.

He was 22 at the time, and they claim that Jessica became pregnant after they were involved with each other sexually for the first time.

Jessica Serfaty was sure she wanted to make it big in the entertainment industry and even though she had a baby to raise and a husband back home, when America’s Next Top Model gave her an opportunity to become a model, she grabbed it by the horns.

The young mum took part in cycle 14 of the hit TV show, and came fourth at the end of the season. A., and Jessica wanted more, so she moved her family to California, while she took auditions and ad’s to make it big in the industry. Roman was growing up well in California, but things began to sour in the couple’s marriage within two years of him being a stay-at-home dad.

In 2009, Westwick played the role of Randy Jackson in the sequel to Donnie Darko, directed by Chris Fisher, and guest-starred in the third season of the Showtime original series Californication, as Chris "Balt" Smith, a student who was fascinated with vampire literature.The couple got divorced, but the clauses about child custody hurt Jessica the most.She was allowed to co-parent Roman like she wanted, but was supposed to do it after moving to Arkansas. A., she could see only her son during Christmas and summer break, because he could only go to one school.Cohen and Wynn accused Westwick of rape, and Eck accused Westwick of sexual assault.All of the alleged incidents are claimed to have occurred in 2014.

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Ididia Serfaty had quit his job as a property manager in Arkansas and followed Jessica to L. As the relationship began crumbling, Ididia wanted her to go back to Arkansas to save what was left of the family.

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