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Dropbox folder not updating on mac

It's an easy way to keep the conversation about your files in the same place, so nothing gets lost.

Plus, as you work on the file together in Dropbox, the online preview will update so everyone always sees the latest version.

Type out your comments, and add your colleagues' names with an @ symbol to mention them in a comment.

They'll get a notification in Dropbox or their email inbox, and you'll see the comments appear in real-time as they're added.

For example, if you take your i Pad on the road and make some changes, then when your i Pad resumes its internet connection, open your family file on the device and the changes will be synced back to your host family file on Dropbox.

Tapping on the husband or wife of the current family will show the Person menu, with a list of features.

Once a family file has been shared with a device, any changes made on the device will appear in the family file on the Mac, and vice versa.

Before Dropbox, file sharing and sync was geeky and confusing, so it's no wonder that it quickly became the folder over the past few years, and haven't dug into or its mobile apps, you might be in for a surprise.

Behind Dropbox's simplicity are sophisticated tools that let you back up your photos, edit documents online, roll back time, and secure your files from prying eyes.

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Tap the name of your family file and it will open to the Home family.

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