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It was hard, because the raw material I’m working with is my actual life, so all the work I’ve done on this book has influenced my current romantic relationship in ways that are both obvious and hard to define.

I can’t separate the writing of the book from the making of my relationship.

I realized that whoever I was dating needed to be okay with me writing about love, and my own personal relationships, for an audience.

The various people that I dated over that period were mostly cool with it.

I was dating Kevin at the time, and he was in South America in the Peace Corps, and I was lonely; teaching was an escape from that.

MY DAD WAS A HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL COACH and later a high school principal; he modeled a certain kind of benevolent authority that I’ve tried to emulate, but it took a little time to feel like I wasn’t faking.

I DIDN’T SET OUT TO BECOME A TEACHER, but my graduate program at Florida State would give you funding if you were willing to be a TA, so I started teaching at 22.

It was fine, but I think I would have gotten a lot more out of an MFA if I had gone into it with a plan besides putting off entering the workforce for as long as I could.

There’s so much to learn, and the research is ongoing.

I WENT TO A TINY LIBERAL ARTS school for college, and majored in English.

I decided to do some research—that’s what I was teaching my students to do, so it seemed like a logical step—and once I started, I thought, WHEN I STARTED THE BOOK, I was still with Kevin, my ex.

I remember telling a friend of mine, “You know, maybe I’m writing this book because I’m trying to figure out what to do with my own relationship.” And she was like, “Yeah, I thought that was the point. ” I HAD A BLOG before Kevin and I broke up, and kept blogging through that process, and continued as I got into dating.

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For a while I thought it could be an essay, but I couldn’t wrap my mind around it.