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After Stephanie Muldberg’s 13-year-old son Eric died of Ewing’s sarcoma in 2004, she was lost in a sea of grief. Grocery shopping was a minefield, because it was painful to contemplate buying Eric’s favourite foods without him. And Muldberg never thought she would be able to return to the temple where he had celebrated his bar mitzvah – and where his funeral was held. When she did go out, she planned her routes carefully to avoid driving past the hospital, just a few miles away, where Eric had been treated during the 16 months of his illness, or the fields where he had played baseball.“Whilst many people perceive the squashed wrinkly faces of flat-faced dogs as appealing, in reality, dogs with short muzzles can struggle to breathe.” When surveyed, the main reason owners gave for buying brachycephalic dogs was the perception they were “good companion breeds”.

Still, Facebook announced that the use of Instant Articles grew 25% last year, with more than 10,000 publishers on board.

After making a huge wave during its rollout in 2015, some legacy publishers are now abandoning Facebook Instant Articles.

In fact, more than half of the original launch partners for Instant Articles were no longer using the format in January 2018.

The animals’ normal sized lower jaw and very short upper jaw gives rise to a variety of health problems, including obstruction of the airways, heart disease, ulcers, skin infections, abnormally-shaped spines and difficulty giving birth.

“Unfortunately, owners are often unaware of the facts about brachycephalic dogs and I believe if they understood the potential suffering that these animals might have to endure then they might reconsider owning one,” she added.

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Statistics provided by the BVA showed almost half of vets believe clients who choose brachycephalic dogs were swayed by social media (49%) or their celebrity idols (43%).

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