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"Redden" even went so far as to try to influence what he thought was Krystene's daughter- telling the child her mother needed to send him money to help is own daughter in a Nigerian hospital. When Krystene finally called him on the scam- he was evasive, defiant, and insistant that she had the wrong idea. If you're communicating online with a man who wants a relationship, don't give out any personal information like your address, financial information or personal information about your family.

Then finally, something she was not expecting- a threat. Wait for several months, at least to find out more about them.

“I was on a [forward operating base] most of the time, so any contact with humans helped, so I kind of got milked out of that.” Hallenbeck, who was deployed from June 2006 to June 2007 in Uruzgan province in south-central Afghanistan, declined to disclose how much money he had lost — but said it was far less than the woman who fell for a photo of him.

On request, she sent money to pay for his medical flight out of Afghanistan.

“I was a bit anxious about it, but Paul kept reassuring me,” the woman said.

“I guess I wanted to trust him.” Then she was told that her soldier tried to flee the military base in an attempt to find her and was now in custody.

Money would expedite his release from custody, the woman said she was told.

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12/06 - He sounds like someone you might want to take home to meet your parents.

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