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Dating scammer definition

When they sense we know what they are the constant fear – normally tucked away under the ignorant and criminal boldness born of their abnormal brains, turns to rage that exposes them.

– Everything about them is a duality, a contradiction, a cycle of endless ruin. Psychology Without human connection, a conscience or moral compass sociopaths are extremely mentally limited.

The sociopath’s abnormal brain renders them loveless, and without conscience.

They know even as they use us we can ruin them with exposure.

They steal the contents of our hearts and our wallets, they borrow and hijack our lives and remain bereft of compassion and love as a desert is of water. Since we’re full of complex emotional capacity, we can use intense difficulties or suffering to create depth and value.

When it comes down to it – their only power is that we didn’t know what they were. Sociopaths are “antisocial psychopaths” or are sometimes now referred to as having an “antisocial personality disorder,” not a fixable disorder. Without controls of any kind on what they do or say the dark places they might take their vindictive rage is a place we never want to see. Use the sociopaths’ weaknesses to leverage them out of our lives and minimize the damage.

None of this leads anywhere but to more pain and risk for ourselves. All the incredible innate and natural traits we possess as normal humans that rendered us their prey as also our saving grace.

– They don’t care what we think, how we feel, what we want, or need – unless it places them in a position of being exposed or loosing things they’ve taken.

Sometimes the answer is more nuanced than normal or requires cutting through a Gordian knot of related issues.

All sociopaths know in their “heart-of-hearts” (so to speak) that we are the ones with the real power.

We’re resilient, mentally flexible, and have nuance emotionally.

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When individuals operate without a conscience they are able to do horrible things we would never dream of doing – and there is no moral compass or guilt feelings to stop them. Sociopaths are reactionary, defensive and grasping for what they perceive as power and influence – ranging from the billionare realm to the homeless – power is relative, scope of influence varies, but the sociopath always and only brings harm.

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