Dating guy with grown daughters

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I always thought she was an intelligient girl, but lately I'm beginning to believe she is just stupid. He puts on this big front of what a great guy he is, but we see him for the turd that he is and I'm ready for her to dump him.

Not because he loved her, but to prove his mother wrong. The only things he has said to his daughter is, “Shut up! It may even spark some dissenting and harsh responses.

The sacrifices they make for their families cannot be measured in any lifetime. This is about the numerous modern day single moms who set their sons on a sure path of rebellion, disrespect and dishonor.

In the state of Georgia, as in most urban areas, two thirds of the Black children born, are born to unwed mothers. I am dealing with a critical issue that has devastated multiple generations.

Joseph had taken on the same vengeful and abusive spirit as his mom. However, until we openly deal with this issue by shining the Light of God’s Word upon it, healing can never come.

And the devastating curse of misogynistic men and angry boys will continue.

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It is no secret that this is the norm for single women who get pregnant by their boyfriends.

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