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)The Fairbanks records were destroyed in the Feb 1904 fire.

After the fire, Vega bought the rights to Fairbanks, and hired Fairbanks' Manager, David L.

Wright Company of Boston, Massachusetts (established in 1841) and Graves & Co. Wright left the company shortly thereafter to join the firm of Hall and Quinby (established by David Hall in 1862) which became The Hall Quinby Wright Company until Wright’s death in 1871. Two years later the company was purchased by Cundy-Bettony which continued to build instruments in the Boston name until 1928. Clarke, author of many solos for cornet and successful touring soloist of the turn of the 20th century, purchased a Boston 3-star cornet for his first professional quality horn.

tools, patterns and craftsman was assured in the same. This change coincided with a relocation to 51 Chardon Street in Boston.

Wright and Company had been founded in 1841 and continued as the Boston Musical Instrument Manufactury uninterrupted at 71 Sudbury until 1902 when the name was changed to the Boston Musical Instrument Company.

The 1869 catalog shows a full line of such instruments including the traditional cornets in E-flat and B-flat, E-flat Alto horn and horn, B-flat tenor, B-flat baritone, B-flat valve trombone and slide trombone, and tubas in B-flat and E-flat. The company also offered the full range of instruments in upright bell and over the shoulder configurations. The Boston 3-star cornets were popular horns of the day and are still respected by collectors and antique cornet enthusiasts.

Boston serial numbers do not appear on horns prior to 1880 and begin in the 6000s.

Initially, most valved instruments were offered in rotary valve configurations with piston valve cornet and alto horn being the only exceptions. Couturier Co., Ltd., the Frank Holton Company and the J. These horns carried the inscription “Ne Plus Ultra” on the bell.

The rotary valve is a string operated dual-bored axial valve actuated by a lever pressed with the fingers. Clarke had learned to play on his brother’s horn and then had played professionally for a time on a band provided Courtois.

My question is," Is there a source that will identify the model that bears that serial number?

" An example being my banjo has a serial number of 42272 which indicates a 1921 production date and I am wondering if that same number will tell me to which model it was assigned and if so where might I find this information?

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