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Harbourne says she used to matchmake for Gather and Hunt, sending different readers out on blind dates in the city and came to the realisation that it was really popular and there was massive demand.

“And then Tinder became really popular and then everyone got sick of Tinder quite quickly because A - people realised peoples’ motives are really questionable, and B - it’s not curated anymore.”She says in the beginning it was probably easier to find more people that you like.

“So we are short cutting it by doing random acts of kindness in the local community.”She says she came up with the idea of the speed dating events because it adds an extra level of curation “because you will get to meet who you are going on your date with before you have to go on a date.”The speed dating events were initially going to be bi-monthly, she says, but after so much demand the trio might have to make the events weekly instead.And only three days after its launch, the site already has over 600 sign ups.Noticing a gap in the market for both a chance to meet like-minded people in Auckland and for doing good in the community that’s not necessarily an ongoing commitment, Do Good Dating creators, senior designer Fiona Kerr and Live More Awesome charity co-founder and not-for-profit entrepreneur Dan Drupsteen thought up the idea for the site in December last year.One of the key things that makes us stand out in this industry is our No Blind Dating system (please check our Q&A page). Over the years Eva has established a special column called “The Whispering Corner”, where she has published more than 500 relationship articles in more than a dozen publications.This approach of Metro Personal is secure, convenient and transparent. She was also the guest speaker on a Sydney radio station in a segment dealing with relationships.

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The work will be organised through crowd sourcing via the Live More Awesome charity “to see if someone has a friend in need who needs a hand in the garden”.