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Cuckoo clock dating marks info

Here you can find little clocks that have no cuckoo, but a cuckoo sound, somewhat larger ones with birds, and clocks with a quarter-hour call, in which the cuckoo calls out once every 15 minutes.The production of cuckoo clocks demands a great deal of experience and manual dexterity.The cuckoo clock is the epitome of the Black Forest clock.As already mentioned, the exact start of clock production in the Black Forest cannot be traced back 100%.The first cuckoo clock that comes close to the models of today was the Bahnhusle clock, developed in 1850, the design of which imitates a railway signalman's house.It resulted from a design competition of the Baden School of Clock-making in Furtwangen.These clocks possess a third chain hoist mechanism, and thus also a third weight which drives the musical drum.In addition to the music, dancers move about on a rotating disc underneath the cuckoo's door.

Many of the larger clocks are additionally furnished with high-quality mechanical musical drums.

However, the early cuckoo clocks differed extensively from those of the present.

The striking mechanism with the cuckoo sound was installed in diverse forms of clocks, in framed or shield clocks.

The production methods include in part centuries of tradition, and have been passed on from generation to generation by the employees of the Black Forest clock producers.

A multitude of steps is necessary for a cuckoo clock to arrive at the customer's home in the quality accustomed to.

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Such elaborately designed masterpieces of artisanal clock-making often have additional movable elements.

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