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Crystalens accommodating iol

METHODS: In this study, 25 patients (50 eyes) who underwent cataract surgery and bilateral Crystalens HD accommodative intraocular lens implantation were included.

It was also indicated that the Crystalens provided vision quality equal to or better than a conventional IOL.During surgery for cataracts or RLE, the crystalline lens of the eye is removed and replaced with an artificial IOL.A conventional IOL is commonly focused for distance vision only.You may find that a cataract doctor has more experience with IOL implantation than a Lasik doctor.Thanks to a change in Medicare policy, patients who need cataract surgery and are covered by Medicare may now elect to purchase the Crystalens at an additional cost over a conventional IOL.

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Before this policy change, Medicare's restrictions made it nearly impossible for a patient to acquire a Crystalens IOL. It takes time for your brain and eye muscles to become accustomed to the new possibilities afforded with the Crystalens.

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