Cherokee dating practicies

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Cherokee dating practicies

Without question, all other things being equal, if you are a stay at home mom you go into the case with a very solid advantage, and in many cases an insurmountable advantage when it comes to the issue of child custody.

Yes, even moms who are the stay at home parent can lose custody, but it takes an extraordinary case from dad, and usually some very stupid behavior from mom.

If this is the case, then even if you do work you will still go into a custody case with an advantage over dad.

For dad to win, he is going to have to find something to overcome this advantage.

Patrons must sign and comply with the USU Special Collections and Archives Use Agreement and Reproduction Order form as well as any restrictions placed by the collector or informant(s). Brigham Young University Student Fieldwork collection, 1968-1978. He also made a copy of all the Utah State University student fieldwork projects generated in his classes at USU and took them to BYU, leaving the originals at the Fife Folklore Archives.

This person is the one who takes off work when the children are sick, takes them to doctor appointments, enrolls and accompanies them to extra-curricular activities, prepares their meals, supervises homework and puts them to bed on a timely manner.

Every household is run differently, dads more and more are either sharing in or actually primarily responsible for these tasks, but it is still true that in the majority of households these responsibilities will primarily fall to mom.

Naturally mothers and fathers differ on their interpretation of “best interest”.

There is good news here for moms, although there is little bias anymore favoring mom over dad or vice versa due to them being mom or dad, in more cases then not, the facts are on mom’s side.

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The issue becomes less clear in cases where both mom and dad work.

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