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Cheat codes for elliv island dating game

After long debate somethings therein- rnade by Coll. A narative of" Treatment at y"" Susqi.iiiiaiio ffort soe fare as they concern y'' kill- ing of y^ five Indians. Dan'^ Lisson, M' John Garrard & Capt' Robert Massey, Lxa. Wash- ington & Major Allerton told they had done w''^ them, now I have something to say to them. Did not Major Trewman after some short dis- course cause them to be bound saying he would send them to Mursons plantacon & sliew y^ some of these Indians were killed at y*' front (? By virtue of a warrant by me received from y*" Hon*'^'' Gen" Tho: Goodwiche for y® impressing of all y*' pvisons belonging to y^ delinquents & secureing of y^ estates of all those y^ are lledd Till further ord*" from y"^ Right Hon*''^^ Nathaniell Bacon, General of his Maj^"" forces in Virginia, and heareing y^ Coll. 44 i M"* Stepiicn'"in:^- warrant to Daniel White: These are his Maj*''' name to hnpower M'" Daniel White to ia[;e into liis custody two young mares be- lons^ing to jno. Wee y*' said Stephen ivlan^'ring, Joseph Hardwick, & Richard oar ton, Ricliard Donnaham doe upon our bended knees humbly, heartily & unfeignedly confesse & ac'ktiovvledge the saide, traiterous & rebellious practises. of John Flower of Methley and co- ' heiress to her brother; had i, John M. Washington .1' Major Allerton accordinn^iv treating there first demand was satisfaction for y" murder i V spo\'les con-uiiilted on Virginnia shore Major Trueman in )*" interim re- maining silent. vl anting, Joseph Mardsvick, Rich: Bartton, Rich: Donohan have bin currently notoriously actors in y"" late horrid rebellion sett, on foot by Nathaniel Bacon Jun"" to ye great dis- honor of Gjd, perturbacon of y^ peace, wellfare & safety of his Maj^'^ Collony of \'irginia & to evill ex- ample of our fellow subjects v/ithin the same. 1735, [ For Yates, see Hay- den's "V^irginia Genealogies, " pp.

In 1686, " Ludlow's Land" was sold ;c Rcadc, Esq** .i'c, containing 1700 acres," &c. Ludlow, Esq"" and his heirs forever in which Patent y« Land granted to y® s^ Martin Baker is included. We find that y** s^ Elizabeth together with John Wiles her husband & Peter Temple & Mary, his wife, by Inden- ture of bargain & sale, bearing date y^ 6^^ day of Novemb i6«6, did legally convey all y® Lands mentioned & contained within y" bounds of y® s^ Patents to Lawrence Smith, fa- ther of y® s^ Deft & to his heirs forever. Thoma,^ Ludlow, deced., by vir- tue of an order of Court, bearing date 20 Dec. We find that after y*^ death of y* s^' George Ludlow y* (i). Esq., only son and heir at law of Daniel Sheldon, late of London. by which 1500 acres of Land are granted to y« s^ George Lud- low & his heirs forever in which Patent y® s*^ 1452 acres are included. We find y*' s^ Thomas Ludlow left only three children, George, Elizabeth and Mary and that y« s'^ George, son of y** s^ Thomas, was seized of y*^ s'^ Lands ^dyded so seized with- out issue. Sir Maurice Diggs-was eldest son of Thomas Dipgs, heir of Sir Dudley. Court, Virginia, is the record of a power of Attorney from ** Gilbert Sheldon. We find y77'Zy'^^ where there is a letter In which W"" Robin- son, Commissary of the Bishop of London In Vir- ginia, states that after he took his B. degree he was chosen, to one of *' J3r, Robinson, Bishop of London's exhibitions, (wlio was my great uncle. Washingtou demanded satisfaction or else they must proceed ag*' them as enimyes & storm there fort, and commanded the interpreter to bid them defiance. Major Allerton asked him w^hat he did intend to doe wdth them? Washington & Major Allerton enquired the lleason of it and were answered y^ they had endeavored to gett away, then Coll. To y*^ first afermitive, Did you know of any Council! Washington or Major Aller- ton y*" first treaty with them concerning y*" murders ^ Inuries donne on Virginia side cl: did not Major Trewman say he would say nothing to them till they had donne. These are therefore in his Maj^" name to will & require you Daniel White upon sight hereof im- mediately to goe to y^' plantacon of y*^ s'-^ Washington by y® river side & cease & impresse all y*^' corne 8: pvision, Tobacco, stocke or stocks y*' belong to y*' s"^ Washingtons either one y^ plantacon or one y*' otlicr plantacon called y*^ Round hills & to command y^ overseer of both plantacons In his Maj'^^ name not to suffer any corne, cattle, horses, mares, servants, or any other things to be conveyed away by any pson or psons till further order from y*^ Generall & to cease y* sloope or sloops y'^ shall in any Vv'ise attempt y*^ takeing pvision conveying of any p't or parsselis of goods y*^ either belong to the said Washington or any other delincjuent y^ are fleed fayle not hereof as you will answer)'*^ contrary at y"" utmost pill. 45 This recogni'c'" wcc desire to bee Recorded this; icf' of June, 1677, Joseph I lard wick, Richard Barton, Richard Donnahan, Ste})]ien Man^inc^, The Dep^ of ]\P Wilhani Armiger hop In this Town and having proposed to x^irnlsh the stndents of" tins College with snch books at a reasonable price as tiie Masters shall direct lum to send for and likewise to take all the school books now in the Collcg(^ and pay 35 p. Washington t Sj Major Allerton y*^ In- dians disowned ail y* vv'as Aledged to them 8z imputed »t all to Senecas. Washington ^: Major Aller- 40 ton urgc J y Vse\Tall Carii Kx-s loniled wilb. 8c porl: had l)in cairicd into there fori allead^^in;^ y^^ t'ricre en- iniyes woukl not ])C so knide as to supply with pro- visions & farther y^ some of men had a httki before bin taken on Virgdnnia side who had y^'Cloathes of such as had bin a little before murdcredupon there backes, which mdxlit it appeare that they had bin the murderers, for these reasons Major AUerton c S.: Coll. As soon as we were landed in Maryland wee found five of y® Susqulhano Indi- ans under a guard of two files of IVIaryland'■^ Coll. Were you present at y*" examination of y^ five Indians at y® Susquehanoh fort all y*" time of the ex- amination. ) of y* house to con- vince them y* it was their Indians had done it v\*^^ they denied. John Washingtons overseersare conveying of Corne, meat & Tobacco in a sloope or sloo]:es over to Maryland and being myselfe at this instant goeing against y^ Indians. Griffin & them reserve till further order from y" Generall or L*^ Generall, or till such time that y*" s'^ Griffin hath cleared himself of tres- passe committed against y^ s'^ L^ Generall & y*- he shall not have anything to doe at y*" plantacon of Coll. Given under my hand this 6^^' day of November, 1676. Wiiereby wee have rendered ourselves lyable to y^ most severe punishm^ but doe humbh' crave & implor mercy & pardon of God Almight}', the Kino-'s most excellent Mai'^' His most sacred Maj*^'* Governor & otlier inferior officers v^ all other our fellow subjects within this Collony for such our horrid, treasonable & rebellious practices, heartily cs: unfeignedly resolveing v/ith ourselves Cc humbly bv-g- ^ing assistance from God Almighty, never to perpe- trate, attempt or consent to y® like.

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