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Carbon dating in antarctica

sea levels rise about a foot in the past 120 years and temperatures go up about 1.8°F (1°C) globally.Arctic sea ice has dwindled 13.4 percent per decade since the 1970s, extreme heat has become more common and oceans are headed for their most acidic levels in millions of years.Ongoing experiments are conducted by more than 4,000 scientists from many nations.Marinus of Tyre reportedly used the name in his unpreserved world map from the 2nd century A. The Roman authors Hyginus and Apuleius (1–2 centuries A.

In the remote reaches of Antarctica, the South Pole Observatory carbon dioxide observing station cleared 400 ppm on May 23, according to an announcement from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Wednesday.Most carbon pollution originates in the northern hemisphere because that’s where most of the world’s population lives.That’s in part why carbon dioxide in the atmosphere hit the 400 ppm milestone earlier in the northern reaches of the world.Even slowing down emissions still means we’re dumping record-high amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.That’s why monitoring carbon dioxide at Mauna Loa, the South Pole and other locations around the world continues to be an important activity.

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