Bobbie dating service video

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Bobbie dating service video

The walls are covered with novelty signs (OLD MUSICIANS NEVER DIE – THEY JUST DECOMPOSE; FOR A GOOD TIME CALL MATILDA: SHE GIVES DISCOUNTS). "Nelson has been arrested at least four times on marijuana offenses.

There's a WILLIE NELSON FOR PRESIDENT 2008 sign, posters advertising his famous Fourth of July picnics, which he's mostly hosted in Texas every year since 1973. In Waco, Texas, in 1994, police found him asleep in his Mercedes on the side of the road, a joint on him, after a late poker game. Ann Richards' funeral, Nelson's bus was pulled over and police seized 1.5 pounds of weed and two ounces of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

"The art of gliding over the meter and extending it until you think they're going to miss the next actual musical demarcation – but they always arrive there, at bar one.

It's some kind of musical miracle."In a time when America is more divided than ever, Nelson could be the one thing that everybody agrees on.

The movie originally called for the town to burn down, but Nelson had the ending changed."Oh, we never were going to tear it down," Nelson says in a low, husky twang as he drives a '94 Chevy through Luck on a clear, blue winter morning, before letting out a heavy cough.

He's an innovator who brought different strains of music, from gypsy jazz to hippie concept albums, to Nashville.

He has sold more than 40 million albums and has put out 16 in the past decade alone, projects ranging from the Western swing of his youth to reggae and pop standards.

After a left turn at a barn, you will enter a ghost town: a white, wood-frame church, a jailhouse, a bank, a dance hall, a water tower and a saloon..

Nelson wanted the movie to come out a decade earlier, at the same time as his classic album of the same name, but then Robert Redford, who was supposed to star in it, dropped out and Hollywood lost interest.

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"The Hells Angels love him, and so do grandmothers," says Raphael.