Blind dating filming locations

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Blind dating filming locations

The conniving duo are trying to find the best way to cheat the spoilt-rotten Clios out of their inheritance.

Exquisitely captured for screens by drone, the inimitable blues of the Cote D’Azur waters or the rainbow colours of old buildings on screen sum up the beauty of the French Riviera.

But this time, it’s all a ruse on Georgina’s part, as she invites the five-piece family to Le Chantecler, Nice’s finest restaurant in the heart of the hotel, while Robert breaks into the safe room at their house, which she’s just learned that Constantine has been keeping a secret from her.

Cerise, turquoise and lime-coloured carpets with matching chairs and walls dripping in gold, Le Chantecler’s decadent decor is a reminder of the lavish life that – with their assets frozen by the police and under investigation – the family has just lost and it's suddenly a surprise to seem them grapple over the who pays the bill.

The lure of Monte-Carlo, a short drive from Nice, is featured in the tense 3rd episode of Riviera.Searches of UK to Nice flights increased by 614% in the first two weeks that TV series Riviera aired on Sky Atlantic.And Londoners seeking a glamorous escape to the picturesque Cote D'Azur saw a whopping 1195% increase.The decadent exterior of La Rotonde de Beaulieu was the actual filming location for the casino scene.Cleaned out, Christos may have arrived at the bottom of the red carpet at 'The Peninsula Grande Casino' in a plush Lamborghini but he comes back the next morning, Episode 4, in a taxi to clear his debts.

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The French Riviera is the home of pop gods Elton John and Bono, and a regular holiday spot for moviestars Eva Longoria and Leonardo Di Caprio and is therefore the perfect setting for a scandalous series about wealth, beauty and power.